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Make tee time reservations in less than 30 seconds

Golface partners with over 20 courses to provide golfers a safer and more convenient way to reserve tee times . Players can simply search for tee times online , and complete the reservation in 30 seconds, There is no need to go through complicated process such as making phone calls or ask your friend to book for you. Simply show the serial number to the front desk after making the reservation online and you are all set for tee off!

Golface TV Golf Coaching Videos

Golface TV

Featuring Yani Tseng's Golf Coaching Videos

Featuring Yani Tseng's
Golf Coaching Videos

Yani Tesng has exclusively worked with Golface TV to share with you basic and advance techniques、multi angle slow motion swings and any sorts of difficult shots. Golface TV has new videos coming up every week. Subscribe today to find out more about Yani’s secret of golf.


Golface APP Smart Golf Services

Play like a

Golf GPS

Before making the shots, you can watch high-quality aerial video of each courses, study the fairway map, and grasp the distance to the front、middle and back of the green and the hole position through GPS. Download Golface App today to efficiently lower your score by formulating strategy plans the smart way.

Golface TV Golf Coaching

Learn golf through Yani’s countless golfing techniques and experiences.

Personal Score Management

Create your personal scorecard and easily record your scores from any game; If you play in golface’s partner course , the score will synced automatically to your phone app immediately after the game!

Team Management

Efficiently assist the team leader to establish and manage golf teams; 
This feature also supports in recording each member’s scores、handicap、ranking and entry record.

Slow Motion Swing Analysis

The video analysis feature allows players to record their swings for 6 seconds. Players can replay the recorded video with slow motions and make marks to analyze their swings and learn more about their posture and angles.

What about going on a unforgettable Golf trip?

  • Golf Smart System

    Provide fairway map, high quality aerial vidoes, team score calculation and other services
  • Trending Hotels

    Stay in the most popular downtown/hot spring hotels
  • Safe Certified Transportaiton

    We only choose bus that is certified by Japan traspotation associations
  • Five-Star Golf Course

    Plays in top voted five-star golf courses
  • Luxurious Restaurant

    Eat in local luxurious restaurant to enjoy premium delights such as michelin 3 star wagyu
  • Exclusive Sightseeing Plans

    Plans private attractions for high-end VIPs

Golface Smart Cart Golface iPad

Upgrade your course with Golface smart golf services

Golface Smart Cart

Upgrade your course
with Golface smart golf services

The Golface smart golf services provides instant score recording, data collection from courses and golfers. Moreover, it helps the course to monitor golfers current status to reduce their playing time and improve the efficiency of course management. Providing a smarter way to golf.