Golface's 4 major features

One and only in the industry! Golface Golf Cart iPad is able to sync with Golface App
Player is able to download scorecard to Golface App by scanning QRcode on Golf Cart Service.
Taiwan’s pioneer ! Implement Golface services to make Golf Carts announce yardage automatically
iPad will automatically announce “Fairway strategy” and “Current yardage to Green” once golf cart is stopped. This feature will assist players to determine dropping points and club selection.
Golf course digital management, which optimizes course operation efficiency
Visualize player's performance data and analyze playing experience on each fairway to increase course management efficiency.
A must-have One-Stop solution for golf courses
Golface serves over 100 thousand users from Taiwan through out their golf journey and is looking forward to starting serving internationally in the future.

Save 80% of course patrolling time

Marshall can view every cart's location on the iPad through GPS positioning to efficiently cut back patrolling time. The over-time alert function can increase the player's playing efficiency.
The over-time alert function can increase the player's playing efficiency.

Digital management that increases Operational Efficiency

Golface Golface provides a data analysis tool that helps to increase operational efficiency. Moreover, team scores can easily be calculated with one click on the button, saving substantial amount of working time.

International services

Supports 5 languages: Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English, Japanese, and Koren.
First-class service ahead of industry
Brings gamification digital experience into golf courses
Connect Golf Cart Service and Golface App seamlessly
Create a multiplier effect on smart golfing

Download Golface App for free to enjoy digital golf experiences such as GPS strategy, digital scorecard, and team management.

The best digital partner for golfers.

Green Jacket Sports

  • 2013 Green Jacket Sports Co., Ltd. was founded in Hsinchu, Taiwan
  • 2014 Golface App was published to provide GPS strategy and scorecard for every golf courses in Taiwan.
  • 2014 Golface iPad Smart Golf Cart System was released in Taiwan
  • 2016 Awarded Best Service App by Apple
  • 2017 Taiwan's only online tee-time booking platform- Golface Store was published
  • 2017 Golface Co., Ltd. was published in Fukuoka, Japan
  • 2017 Corporate with Nishitetsu to provide golf travel services
  • 2019 Published Golface iPad Smart Golf Cart System in Japan
  • 2020 Golface Smart Golf Cart System was awarded the 29th Taiwan Excellence Award.